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TAS is a cloud-based online app that can be accessed on any PC/Mac or Mobile device using your favourite internet browser

Property Taxation System tools

  • Taxation Wizard
  • Intuitive Help
  • Consise Reporting

TAS - Tax Administration Simplified

TAS is truly one stop shop for all aspects of property tax management for small communities. It includes:

  • Assessment Data Import
  • Folio Maintenance
  • Budgeting
  • Rate Setting
  • Tax Notice Generation
  • Payments Receipt With Financial Reporting
  • Collection and Enforcement
  • Taxpayer online portal

Comprehensive Features

  • TAS is delivered as a web application - No software installations, no hardware requirements, no network security issues
  • Simple internet browser login with mobile device support
  • Easy layout for intuitive navigation
  • On-the-Fly budget and tax rate editing tool
  • Intuitive folio search
  • Taxpayer on-line account - for self-help, online access to historical and financial details of taxpayer’s property
  • Seamless import of assessment data for B.C. (Manitoba, New Brunswick and Ontario coming soon)
  • Budget-based rate setting - combines budgeting and rates setting into a single process with historical comparisons on one screen
  • Reference jurisdiction rate setting (First Nations Only)
  • Supports multiple districts with multiple tax rates (First Nations Only)
  • Live web support
  • Training Webinars (View Schedule)

What People Are Saying

“It’s been wonderful to have an opportunity to help shape the new tax administration software. Tax administrator feedback has been used to develop a product designed for our unique needs. I found the software extremely easy to learn. We entered our tax payments at record speed this year. TAS has already become a critical tool which I keep open on my desktop all day long. I'd like to thank the FNTC for creating TAS and for providing the resources and direction to the team. Sarah, Mark and Derek have been very responsive and dedicated to the project.”

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Advanced and Easy To Use System

Engineered for Small Communities and First Nations

TAS is compliant with the legislative requirements of the First Nations Fiscal Management Act and policy and standards of the First Nations Tax Commission, supporting best practices in property taxation administration.

Fully Compliant

For First Nations, TAS is compliant with the legislative requirements of the First Nation Financial Management Act (FMA) and policy and standards of the First Nations Tax Commission (FNTC).

Altea one page app
Simple, Time-Saving, Accurate, COST EFFICIENT

Application screenshots

TAS Setup Wizard
TAS Setup Wizard

Smart Wizard

Easy to use, step-by-step tool that helps you keep track of the entire taxation cycle

Easy to use intuitive assessment list

Filtered Folio List

Built in key filters to help you find the right folio or group of folios that allows you to generate reports or quickly answer customer’s question

In-Context intuitive help right when you need it

In-Context Help

With our In-Context help we guide you every step of the way

Simplified Sub Budgeting

Flexible Budgeting Module

Our advanced budgeting module allows for multiple budgets and multiple districts for each organization, in order to ease the burden of yearly budget preparation and reporting

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